An experimental film to examine metaphysical conception of the beginning. The work embodies the philosophic and the scientific perceptions of materialization, expressed as various forms of origin. Additional to the conceptions, the scene is blended by artist’s indefinable memory represented as a white bright room and tunnel leading to a source of light. The screenplay crossovers between the reality and memory, generating a imagination unrestricted by plot and time.

The film consists various imaginary conceptions of the beginning such as , a birth of aether, a birth of sun, a birth of earth, and birth of life. Each segment is inserted after a flash, going back in time and coming back to present. Central to the work is a wine red fabric represented in a organic form, allowing the viewers to interpret their own explanation toward the element of life. The spinning motion is a metaphor toward common force of existence seen among micro-macro phenomena in our universe, musically scored with a Sufi-drum beat signifying a pulse; a rhythm of life.

Technical aspects of the film is composed without any 3D CG involved. Each elements have been shot with a camera and edited in the post production. The spinning figure is created using classical animation technique called slit-scan that enables an object to differentiate time inside a picture, resulting the spin by seeing past and future simultaneously.